A year later


It’s been a year now.   Hard to believe.  A year of following a call, building relationships, meeting new people, watching kids grow, taking trips, and inviting people to be a part.

A year later, Don is sitting in our circle telling our newer teens what to expect at our Summer Staff Retreat at Greers Ferry Lake in a few weeks:

“It’s the best. First, you get there and pick which room you’ll sleep in.  Then Ms. Kristin will gather all of us together. We’ll have an activity where we get to know one another.  Then we all make dinner together.”

“Oh, like as a family?” Lisa interrupts. 

“​Yeah, like as a family​.  Lisa, you’ll probably cook the meat.  I’ll cut the tomatoes, cuz that’s my job.  Then we’ll play games.  Then go to bed.  The next day, we’ll have a devotion about how we are the light of the world.  You’ll be on a team and you’ll have to perform a skit…”

And on and on the description went. ​ He remembered every detail​.  I joked with him that I should’ve taken notes so I could plan this next retreat accordingly.  Why does he remember every detail?  Why is it his favorite weekend of the year?

I believe it’s the power of community.  It’s the change of scenery.  It’s trying kayaking for the first time; it’s swimming and sharing meals.  It’s the laughter and adventure and the thrill of being chosen for something special. It’s a safe space to share challenges in your life and receive prayer and support.

Friends, these teenagers are so precious, amazing, and gifted.  Thank you for believing in their potential.  Thank you for giving them a job. A paycheck. A purpose. A chance to shine.  A chance to be the change they want to see in the world!

We are so excited about our second summer camp.  We are excited to continue the journey of following God’s call!  

Will you join us?  Will you give $30 a month as a camp sponsor? Or $300 a month employs a teen! A one time gift of $250 covers the cost of food for our staff retreat!  I thank you and give God praise and honor for all that He has done! Thanks for coming along for the ride! 

In His Love,                                   

       Kristin Walker

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