Meeting Mrs. Josephine


Mrs. Josephine is one of those neighborhood mamas.  Always taking somebody in.  Always feeding somebody.

Last summer, she lost her own son to gun violence.  Ever since then, she has been on a mission to encourage students in the neighborhood to "put the guns down and pick up a book."  She knows the children need after-school programs and has been asking them what'd they'd like to do. She showed me a list of 30 precious signatures she'd collected from young people who want to learn how to do Step Dancing.  

After we spent the time together, she told me how excited she was about the ministry that I am starting.  She told me she'd get behind me 100%.  Her support and passion were truly a gift from God.  The affirmation that this program is greatly needed and desired spurs me on.

Meeting Mrs. Josephine is yet another line item in the long list of things GOD has so clearly done.  

P.s. I better start looking for a Step Dancing Volunteer :-) 

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